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Improve patient outcomes and enhance healthcare
by adding Telehealth to your health system

Virtual Care Solution

It's just that EASY!

Adding a custom telehealth solution to a hospital or health system increases access to physicians and specialists, ensuring patients receive the care they need, anywhere, when they need it most. Telemedicine for hospitals can increase revenue and maximize the number of patients seen while enhancing patient care by offering patients a versatile, flexible option to meet with you.

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Reshaping the delivery of healthcare,
by bringing healthcareto you

Zeally makes it easy to successfully deploy a telemedicine program in your practice with customized teams, patient populations, and simple patient features.


Zeally features high quality HD video and audio to ensure you and your patient have the best experience possible.

HIPAA & HITECH Compliant

We implement state of the art security protocols to ensure that your data integrity and privacy is maintained.

Built-in Ecommerce & Merchant Billingy

Zeally makes it effortless to collect payment for your services via credit card.

Virtual Triage & Care Navigation

Platform enables you to perform patient intake, check symptoms and route patients to the appropriate level of care.

Self-Provisioning Technology

Get your telehealth initiatives up and running within minutes with instant patient activation.

Patient Notifications

Once an appointment is scheduled patients automatically receive an email to set up account and join appointment

Expand your practice
and reach more patients

Improve care.

Zeally helps you offer convenience and flexibility to patients

Manage patient flow.

Monitor consultation requests, distribute patients among doctors

Fast-Track Patients.

With Zeally, your doctors will be able to provide care to patients anytime, anywhere

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